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Birthdate:Jun 12
Location:Costa Rica
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Charlotte, or Charlie as she is more commonly known, wasn’t so much born as created. A test tube baby, she and her sisters had their DNA spliced with the DNA of velociraptors by InGen scientists during their initial development. The idea was that using the prehistoric DNA, InGen would create a new breed of humans – one stronger, faster, and better than the average homosapien, one who could be trained to hunt and kill like the predators of old. A soldier working off primeval instinct.

In short? The ultimate weapon. And one that would bring InGen more money than they could ever dream of. For what country wouldn’t pay a small fortune for their own army of highly skilled, highly trained, genetically modified super soldiers?

Of course, first pick would go to the US government.

For the first three years of her life, Charlie was raised inside the InGen facility on Isla Sorna (aka Site B) along side her sisters and the other genetically modified children. Though proper training wouldn’t begin until they were at least seven or eight, the staff at the labs had their own way of testing their “subjects” – playing games with them to hone their mental intelligence as well as their survival skills. Among these games was hide and seek. Which is how everything went to hell, at least from InGen’s point of view…

As it was during one such game that the four “raptors” wandered off, making it out of the main facility an into the jungle where they encountered an ex-naval officer, Owen Grady. Working for Simon Masrani as part of his research program, Owen had been on Isla Nublar studying (and training) the raptors kept on the park’s grounds. He never once imagined that he would find four human (or seemingly human) girls while exploring the supposedly deserted other island.

Figuring out what the girls were and where they had come from, Owen took them back with him. Determined to give all four a normal life, and save them from a life of being used as weapons, he adopted all four of them as his daughters – getting another friend of his from the military to forge birth certificates and other pertinent documents.

For years, everything was fine. With Owen’s guidance and nurturing, the girls grew up to be perfectly normal functioning individuals – complete with friends, high school crushes, and all those other things that teenage girls had. But the animal side of them couldn’t stay buried forever, and lately it’s begun to show through.

The girls are getting more aggressive…as if the beast inside of them is working to get through.

And that’s not the only problem. InGen has never stopped looking for the assets it lost, hoping to one day reclaim the four missing raptors. And with the girl’s new reckless streak, they may just get the lead they need.

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[Disclaimer: This is an AU version of Charlie based on the idea presented in this tumblr post. I did not come up with the original idea, I just thought it would be a nifty thing to make a muse around. Mun owns nothing and this is all for cracky rp times only. Also Mun is 21+]
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